About ASG Company

Agro System Group LLC is a member of the group of companies Controler and unites in one effective team of technologists and managers who have experience in working out and introducing advanced technologies in agriculture both at the enterprises of Ukraine and other countries.

We specialize in providing agricultural consulting services in crop production:

  • we train the client’s staff, understanding that their qualifications and experience will determine how high the bar will be for themselves to set a business, what goals will be set and achieved
  • We offer our clients experience and skills not only of our employees, but also of the best experts in the field of agriculture of our partners
  • we transfer the fulfilled techniques, algorithms, management tools
  • We recommend only high-quality products and services from both our and our partners
  • We are building long-term strategic cooperation with partners – companies developing new production technologies and management. Together we make our customers more successful and richer!

By contacting us you can order:

We are always ready to discuss ideas that interest you in the development of your enterprise, the introduction of innovative production technologies and management, and the changes in agriculture.

Cooperation with our company will allow you to identify ways of further development and opportunities for increasing the profit of your agribusiness.

Presentation of the Agro System Group