Enterprise investor:

“A very important parameter for us is timely receipt of data for management decision making. That is why we have started to introduce automated control and management systems. We have tried everything on the market: some tools gave a scrupulous accounting but without efficient response; others, detailed GPS monitoring of machinery but without economical parameters; and there were also the ones that showed crops growth but we could not understand what we, managers, needed it for. In addition, in order to work with these systems, we had to have highly-qualified employees, who were to be specially trained, and system configuration took a lot of time. But we need a system that allows us to maintain records, control, plan and analyze the results quickly, accurately and easily. Having implemented the AgroController, we received the system with a friendly design that allows both to fulfil all our requirements and to see remotely the work of the enterprise: efficiency of machinery and staff, costs for fields and crops, condition of the fields and harvest forming. This allowed us to make timely decisions and to get benefits for more than $100 per ha”.

Conventional problems of agricultural enterprises

  • Permanent loss of agronomic historical data
  • The absence of clear view on the fields conditions
  • Impossibility to find out the current cost of production
  • Not clear what the staff is doing and where machinery is
  • Facts of theft
  • To collect data, it is necessary to use several accounting systems: for machinery, for bookkeeping, Excel

AgroController is a crop production control system

Fields Scouting

  • Crop yield monitoring;
  • Field history: precursors, yields;
  • Display of real phytosanitary condition of fields: weeds, pests, diseases
  • Mapping of soil quality
  • Quality of field survey
  • Satellite monitoring
AgroControler AgroControler

Machinery and staff monitoring

  • Monitoring machinery and staff efficiency
  • Control of fuel consumption, fuel drains as well as compliance with the speed limit
  • Monitoring of productivity and efficiency of production
  • Tracking work orders and waybills
  • Accounting of works for crops and fields

Material and cost accounting

  • Accounting of consumption of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides.
  • Quick formation of production costs for crops and fields.
  • Analysis of materials consumption for fields.


  • The total profit from the introduction of the system in crop production is more than $100 per ha per annum. It is achieved through:
  • Reduction of fuel consumption by at least 20%;
  • Decrease in materials overconsumption during field work up to 10-15%;
  • Optimization of the costs for unreasonable staff wages by 10-20%;
  • Understanding the factors on which the yield of the fields actually depends: crop rotation; period of work execution, fields’ quality, and human factor. The price of the right decision is up to $ 100 per ha;
  • Quick monitoring of formation of costs for fields and crops with the ability to make decisions that can “save” the situation. Avoiding the expenditures on inefficient operations saves up to $ 30 per ha;
  • Avoiding unnecessary downtime, loss of efficiency and yield: a day of machinery downtime during seeding  reduces grain yield by 1 centner per ha;
  • Building optimal logistics of machinery movement between fields allows to save up to 40%;
  • Being aware of all the actual events taking place at your enterprise – the value is determined by you.