AgroAudit and Scouting

The audit is used to get an external objective assessment of existing or potential problems and to identify solutions to them. It also makes possible to avoid mistakes in investing, and to save money for pesticides, fertilizers and fuel used for field works.

Process audit includes:

  • Analysis of the current business situation in crop production and its resources:
    • For fields: scouting weed infestation, crop conditions, the need for and suitability of additional technological operations for introduction of pesticides and fertilizers;
    • For production method: analysis of crop rotation and structure, efficiency of production method used at the enterprise for each crop, analysis of problems;
    • For machinery: wear and tear, suitability for further use, the need for repair or purchasing new one, efficiency of the machinery;
    • For staff: interview with key employees, determining qualification level, labor efficiency, the need for additional knowledge and skills;
    • For other production facilities: warehouses, buildings, etc.;
    • For economy: achieved results, yield obtained for each crop, impact of various production factors on the enterprise efficiency.
  • Identification of enterprise potential and possibility of improving production efficiency.
  • Calculation of harvest prospects and profitability in given climatic conditions.
  • Recommendations to improve enterprise profitability and efficiency.


Importance of process audit:

It determines whether technological vector of the enterprise development has been set correctly. Adequacy of the normative indicators included in the budget. The correctness of technological operations carried out on the fields; sufficiency of quality for these operations; whether technological scheme of works is correct considering the predecessor and the successor. Search for ways to improve efficiency of production method in crop farming.

Based on the results of the works completed, the client is provided with:

A report describing in detail all audited objects, including recommendations. Work completion dates and cost depend on the audit scope and the degree of detailing.