Agribusiness Modeling

The model is required when there is an understanding that it is necessary to “change the course”, reconsider approaches to work, the desire to calculate everything as soon as possible, to understand and to see the prospect for several years and at the same time to be free from the time deficiency and the mistrust to one’s own technological experience.

Business model calculation includes:

  • Development of enterprise objectives for 5 years based on the vision of executives and development potential.
  • Optimization of technology for transitional period from the existing state of the enterprise to the desired one.
  • Demonstration of steps for technological development at the enterprise.
  • Development of optimal crop rotation according to the requirements of technology and economy.
  • Selection and calculation of the needs for the most profitable and modern materials: fertilizers, pesticides, growth stimulators, zoned seeds.
  • Calculation of the need for and selection of the most cost-effective machinery according to work schedules and technology requirements.
  • Calculation of flow process charts and economic performance indicators.
  • Staff training, presentation of materials, skills development for independent work with the model.

Also, it is possible to carry out agrochemical analysis of fields with recommendations on the feed system for getting the planned yield.

Business Modelling

Importance of modelling:

On the basis of the developed enterprise goals, the Client is provided with technologically justified calculations of all economic indicators for the period of changing the enterprise state from the current to the desired one, transition from the existing technology to the high-performance one.

Product provided to the Client:

Elaborated model with description of requirements, standards, algorithms of calculation and justification for target indicators achievement.

Business Modelling

Task completion time depends on the calculations extent, the number of business areas and the size of the enterprise.