Agronomy Support

Agronomic support ensures that field work will be done efficiently, all the necessary materials will be used purposefully on the fields, the machinery will work productively without downtime, the fields will be clean and most importantly, everything will be done in time.

The presence of our technologist at the enterprise allows to prevent situations with wrong field works and to provide accomplishment of the main processes:

  • Soil preparation: high-quality levelling and mellowing the soil for sowing with minimal expenses.
  • Sowing: high-quality sowing and proportional germination in optimal period.
  • Fertilizing and crop protection: maintaining and increasing crop yields.
  • Harvesting: timely harvesting, distributing crop residues and preparing the fields for sowing.

At these stages, experienced technologists staying by the client’s staff, teach to cultivate crops, to achieve targets, to configure properly the machinery during the main technological operations and to monitor work quality and crops state.

It helps to build new production standards, to improve people’s attitude to the fields and to the implementation of technology requirements: maintaining the quality of field work, achieving clearness of the fields, quality of processing fields’ edges, prevention of losses.



Controlled achievement of the planned technology indicators: crop yields, material costs, profits. Scrupulous adhering to the production process quality is a guarantee for the compliance with technological requirements. The staff begins to “read the field”, to understand the phases of plant development, and to make decisions on implementation of works at the most reasonable time for the plant. Cost optimization. Getting planned results.

Task completion time:

It goes on during the entire production process. The cost depends on the enterprise size and the scope of work.