When implementing changes at the enterprise (transition to a new technology, optimization of expenses and technical system, changing enterprise structure), in many cases the staff does not have enough skills, knowledge, expert opinion, and technological support.

The formation of the missing competencies by visiting foreign enterprises, self-study, attracting foreign experts always takes a lot of time and money and does not always give the desired result.

Organization of staff training at the enterprise in working environment and for the subjects and requirements agreed in advance does provide with necessary results.

Product key points:

Coordination with the Customer of the training program and the list of necessary skills and knowledge that must be formed by the staff. Defining training objectives, key results and expectations. Training of the staff at the Client’s enterprise using provided training materials adapted to particular conditions of work at the enterprise.

The training includes:

  • theoretical and practical training;
  • analysis of cases and real practical situations;
  • training in control procedures and quality analysis;
  • training in algorithms of decision-making during the period of growth of crops;
  • practical work in the field;
  • skills workshops and coaching sessions;
  • command and staff trainings for technologists;
  • presentation of innovative products;


Required skills and knowledge for the staff

Transfer of the required knowledge on production technology, logistics and economics.

Informing about innovative approaches in production.

Formation of decision-making skills in questionable matters.

Product provided to the Client:

Required skills and knowledge for the staff

Presentations on training materials

Task completion time: 2-3 days depending on the training program.

The cost depends on the training program.